Our University Partner 

International Teaching University of Georgia was founded in 1995. In accordance with the requirements resulted from the reforms in the educational system, the university successfully has passed all stages of official authorization and accredidiation processes in 2002,2007 and 2012. 
The main goal of the strategic development programme of International Teaching University of Georgia is the unity of educational, cultural, innovative and productive components : 
■ Educational component implies development of innovative education on the basis of classical education and training of highly skilled speciallists of popular modern friends;

■ Cultural component implies encouragement of the country's cultural and social changes in higher education, consolidating components of students' professional knowledge, civil self-consciousness and spiritual advancement;

■ Innovative component implies provision of specialists with high professional level through implementation of innovative programs and advancing students' innovative thinking skills;

■ Productive component implies development of students' socially-oriented productive activities, involvement of business representatives in the elaboration of university curriculae. 
The University is organised into faculties and departments. There is the Faculty of Economics and Law and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Care Studies with its brand 

new Dental Clinic and the affiliated University Hospital. Furthermore at International Teaching University of Georgia the Department of English Philology can be found. 
The department of International Study Affairs is represented by the University Institute of International and European Studies (UNIES). It is the University's gateway to western Europe and the world. The UNIES is governed by its own statutes and regulations, but is integral to the make-up of the International Teaching University of Georgia. Strategically important for University's rapid expansion, UNIES is located in Tbilisi and also with its own additional campus in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. 
Highly qualified academic staff leads research, scientific and educational activities at the University. 
The University provides all necessary conditions for students to get full of value education, such as material and technical resources equipped with modern technologies, computerised library with abundant holdings; computer classes and up-to-date conference and sport halls. 
The University organises students and professors annual scientific conferences. Students have work practice with financial organizations, travel agencies and hotels, the Tbilisi City Court, the Notary Chamber of Georgia, the European Centre for Professional Development or legal advice agencies. 
The Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Mzia Katamadze, is a member of the Club of Rectors of Europe. The Club members have meeting in different countries several times a year. The Rector advantages from these meetings with foreign colleagues that favours establishing close relations with European universities. 
As the result of these contacts the University has concluded business agreements and its actively involved in student exchange programs with prestigious universities of all over the world. 
Futhermore the University is proud of its outstanding collaboration with the World Cultural Diversity Organization. 
Professor Dr. H.C. Klaus Oestrelcher Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK Provost University Institute of European and International Studies International Teaching University of Georgia