About Us

International College of Hospitality Management was established in the year 2010 at Shantinagar, Kathmandu. The main objective of its establishment is to fulfill the demand of skilled manpower in Nepalese Market. Founder /CEO Mr. Shiv Kumar Shrestha with other partners has a deep temptation to use their skill in order to achieve a common goal ie. To produce skilled manpower, who can later be well equipped with all necessary skills and knowledge to compete in national and international Hospitality market .

ICHM Nepal College is offering 4 years Bachelor in Hospitality Management and 2 Years MBA in Hospitality Management. And, have tied up with different Hotels in Nepal, India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Qatar and Dubai. It has sent 90% students for placement in abroad as interns. This is one of the positive aspects in terms of opportunity that individual student can get.